This August Month

Such a special month here.

August is that final few days of warmth and Summer sun before the Fall showers come and skies darken into Winter.

It’s also been the month from hell. Strangely, I’ve quite enjoyed it, even through my frustrations, overstressing and exhaustion. Fact is, it’s nearly done, and with it the Summer Hols madness, so the insanity is nearly over.

Much as I hate to say goodbye to the sunshine and pleasant weather, I’m actually looking forward to the cooler months ahead, the more relaxed (or is it just the lethargy that accompanies the dark and cold?) pace of Winter.

(There’s also the fact that my holiday has been booked for November and the sooner we leave Summer behind, the quicker my departure date arrives!) Cruise time, baby, yeah!

Transatlantic Cruise

Transatlantic Cruise

So, news for the month.

We had Scribble spayed on the first of the month.

scribspay2She spent the next ten days confirned to the house for the most part, and climing the walls, itching to run and play. We felt like the cruelest people for keeping her from doing the things she loved. Thankfully that time has passed, she’s healed up well and is back in high spirits, bless her! (And I am no longer at my wits’ end trying to keep the poor darling entertained!)

Our beloved Rabbi and his wife are leaving the community to retire to Edgware.They have been our neighbours and dearest friends for 12 years.

rabbianneI’ll miss them terribly – they are family (or as close to it as you can get without sharing blood or legal ties.) It’s going to be so strange without them here!

I worked supremely hard for the past few weeks and feel quite accomplished. I was also well compensated for my efforts and it makes me feel really appreciated and valued. Even with all the difficult aspects of the job, I enjoy the work and the people I interact with on a daily basis.

No real complaints (I won’t say none at all; I’d be lying if I didn’t think things could be better) but all in all it’s been a good, if draining, few weeks.

Now I’m just looking forward to the approaching festival holidays. May they come and pass swiftly and without incident!

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